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About Our Licensed Massage Therapists

Each of the Live Oak Massage therapists are self-employed with

their own pricing and service offerings.

Please find their individual contact information below. 


Carrie Pullen LMT ∙ MA79211

Text: 850-463-0716


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30 Min.  $35
60 Min.  $65
90 Min.  $95

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic
30 Min.  $45
60 Min.  $80
90 Min.  $115


Carrie loves the simplicity and effectiveness of massage and very much appreciates the wide range of benefits that can be provided. 

​She is known for her particularly slow and methodical therapeutic style, which is grounded in neuromuscular and current pain science concepts. Her approach is extremely adaptive and can have a significant impact on many pain-related issues while still fostering a very relaxing experience.  Carrie works with a broad range of clients that seek help with a variety of issues as well as those just looking for a calm and quiet break.

Outside of massage therapy, she enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors, cooking and taking way too many pictures of their dogs (two Dobermans and a Dachshund).

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