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Gift Certificates

Each of the Live Oak Massage therapists are

self-employed. Gift certificates are offered with them individually and cannot be redeemed with another LMT.


If you'd like a gift certificate that can be redeemed with any of our Massage Therapists or our Esthetician, please click the button below to fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Please be aware the session pricing may vary with each Service Provider.

Live Oak Massage | Milton, FL | Gift Certificate
Live Oak Massage | Milton, FL | Carrie Pullen LMT
Carrie Pullen LMT, MA79211

Carrie offers custom practice-wide gift certificates only.

Live Oak Massage | Milton, FL | Hannah Listle LMT
Hannah Listle LMT, MA93925

Hannah offers electronic (emailed) gift certificates. Please visit her website to learn more and place your gift certificate request:

Live Oak Massage | Milton, FL | Amber Pereira LMT
Amber Pereira LMT, MA61746

Amber offers the following delivery for both electronic or hard copy gift certificates:

  • Emailed

  • USPS Mailed

  • Arrange for Pick-Up at Live Oak Massage with notice

Please visit her website below to place an electronic gift certificate order or text her at 850-483-1793 to make arrangements.

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