Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Each of our Massage Therapists are self employed and have their own avenue for booking.  Please click below to book:

Do you offer Gift Certificates?


You can purchase gift certificates anytime from this website: ​​​​​

Please select any of the following for delivery at Checkout:

  • Shipping: Mailed to the home address you indicate in the “Shipping Information” section at Checkout.  This is 50cents extra

  • Pickup: The certificates will be available Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm 24 hours AFTER PURCHASE at the Live Oak Massage in Milton, FL 

  • Electronic: the Gift Certificate will be emailed to the email address you indicate in the “E-Delivery Information” at Checkout

PLEASE NOTE:  The first time client discount cannot be used to purchase a gift certificate. That discount is being reserved for the massage recipient to use directly.

This is my first massage.  What should I expect?

You'll need to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork.  This includes a brief overview of any recent surgeries or injuries you may have as well as any relevant medical conditions.  After that, your Licensed Massage Therapist will take you to the massage room for a chat about the content of the form and any areas you would like avoided or focused on.  The LMT will explain her plan for the session and ask if you have any other questions or concerns.  Finally, she'll leave the room for you to undress and get on the table.

There is a restroom adjacent to the lobby.  If there is any doubt at all, pee anyways! It's also not a big deal if you need a restroom break in the middle of your session.  Your LMT will leave the room, you'll get dressed and when you're ready the massage will resume. 

Most folks remove all clothing except for their underwear.  It's also pretty common for clients to be completely naked or wearing trunks / a bathing suit.  It truly is about whatever puts you most at ease.  It's best to remove all jewelry, but anything can be worked around. 

After knocking your massage therapist will return to the room and make any adjustments to the table that you need:  table temperature, the pillow under your legs, the face cradle, etc.

You'll be covered at all times except for the particular area that's being worked on by a sheet and a blanket over that.  Please keep in mind that if you leave something on (your socks, for example), that is our cue to avoid the area. If we need you to adjust your position we will either move you (for instance, lift your arm) or will tell you what position we need you to move into.  About half way through we'll ask you to turn over while we hold the covers over you.  


If at any time you find the pressure to be too little or too much, you just need to let your LMT know and it can be adjusted easily.  

Hot towels are used on your back and feet if you choose.  You can also select to have only certain areas worked on (back, neck and shoulders, for example.)  Not everyone wants a full-body session; some like to pick and choose muscle groups or have certain areas skipped altogether.  

Practically anything can be changed at any time during the session to better suit you.  Please be sure to let your massage therapist know!

  • Pressure

  • Time allocation to a particular area

  • Table temperature

  • Bolster / Pillow position

  • Music / Sounds

  • Additional pillows 

  • Face cradle position (The cradle that your head rests in when you are face down can be raised, lowered, tilted or any combination of the three.  You should feel as if you're in a nice neutral position; NOT like your neck is pinched or over extended.)

When the session is finished, your LMT will let you know and leave the room.  Sit up slowly, get dressed and exit;  we'll be waiting just outside the room to walk you to the front to accept payment and review anything you like.  

How much actual massage time is included?

Our goal is for your entire booked session to be for massage.  We block off time before each appointment to enable you to share your expectations, disrobe and get comfortable on the table.  If you arrive 10/15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, this will ensure you have the entire session on the table.  We typically cannot extend sessions if you are late.

What's the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue?

The main difference is pressure and your goals for the session.  

Swedish is a classic massage that uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and reduce stress. There is no focus on a particular issue or trigger points (knots). 

Deep Tissue techniques are suited best for clients that enjoy firmer pressure and/or for significantly tight areas or injuries. This massage is also for those who have trigger points (knots) that they wish to be addressed. Because of the slower and more targeted nature of Deep Tissue work, a 30 or 60 minute session will likely not be a full-body session.

What does "full-body" mean?

It's different for every therapist.  For Carrie, a typical full body session is:

  • Back & shoulders

  • Hips and glutes (I work briefly over the sheet on glutes unless your goals call for more thorough hip/glute work.  One example is helping ease symptoms associated with Sciatica or sports competition preparation)

  • Back and front of legs

  • Feet

  • Arms and hands

  • Neck, tops of shoulders and scalp massage 

What products do you use during your massage?

I use a non-scented hypo-allergenic creme; it's thicker than lotion and requires less application in my opinion.  Some Massage Therapists prefer to use oil or lotion.  

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme: Description


Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Creme: Material Safety Data Sheet

For the feet, I use Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy lotion that's scented with peppermint and lemon peel.

Biotone Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion: Description


Biotone Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion: Material Safety Data Sheet

Sometimes and with client permission I apply Biofreeze Gel to some areas as well.

Biofreeze Gel: Description and Drug Facts


Biofreeze Gel: Safety Data Sheet

I place a drop of Barefut Essential Oil below the face cradle. This is just for the client to smell throughout their session; I do not apply it to the body.

Barefut website

If you have any allergies, please let me know.  You are welcome to bring your own lotion or oil for me to use during your session.  

What if I'm sick or have something contagious?

If you are ill or suspect you're getting sick, please reschedule your appointment! We all appreciate your not wanting to get us sick too.  Also, you will not enjoy your massage if you have a cold or stomach bug.

It is extremely important for the Massage Therapist's health and safety that you let her know of any contagious conditions you have.  Fungus, warts, open wounds or sores can all be easily avoided while still enabling a great massage.

Am I supposed to tip?

We are self employed and sincerely appreciate this expression of your satisfaction with the service. Most people tip anywhere from $5 to $30. 

It is not the least bit offensive if you choose not to tip. We're grateful for your business and appreciate seeing any of these expressions of your being happy:

  • Your return business

  • Referrals

  • A Facebook post

  • An online review

  • A derpy smile before you leave


This is entirely your decision. Phones do not bother me during a session; it's YOUR time. If you'd like me to hand your phone to you, feel free to ask!

Massage Thoughts.....temperature

If you're hot or cold, just let me know! I can adjust the table warmer and add or remove blankets.

Massage Thoughts....tissue

It is completely normal for your nose to run or for you to drool when receiving a massage. Don’t hold in a sneeze or cough…..all therapists keep tissues in the room for this reason. It’s also ok to pause the session for a potty break. Everyone misjudges that $1 sweet tea at McDonalds from time to time.

Massage Thoughts....pressure

After a few minutes into the massage, I really do want to know if the pressure is too firm or too light. It's common for this to change as the massage progresses. Different areas may require different pressures. For example, legs typically need lighter pressure than the back. I am happy when you speak up if the pressure is not to your liking.

Massage Thoughts....blankets

We can un-bunch, adjust or re-cover/re-tuck the sheets or blanket at any time!

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