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Services and Starting Prices

We are located at 5341 Stewart Street (US-87) near Milton High School at the corner of Ravine and Stewart Streets.
It's the dark grey house next to the Milton Fire Department and roughly across the street from Whataburger. Please turn at Ravine Street, park along the side of the house and enter at the back.

Each of the Live Oak Massage therapists are self-employed with
their own pricing and service offerings.  STARTING prices are listed below; please understand that a session may be more depending on the LMT.   

Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Swedish is a classic massage that uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and reduce stress. There is no focus on a particular issue or trigger points (knots).  Massage cream is used with smooth gliding strokes to facilitate an overall calm state.

Complimentary aromatherapy and hot towels are offered with all our massage sessions.

Prices begin at:

$40 - 30 Minutes

$75 - 60 Minutes

$105 - 90 Minutes

$155 - 120 Minutes

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue techniques are suited best for clients that enjoy firmer pressure and/or for significantly tight areas or injuries. This massage is also for those who also have trigger points (knots) that they wish to be addressed. Because of the slower and more targeted nature of Deep Tissue work, a 30 or 60 minute session will likely not be a full-body session.

​Sports Massage techniques vary according to timing around an event and the athlete’s goals for that particular session.

Complimentary aromatherapy and hot towels are offered with all our massage sessions.

Prices begin at:

$45 - 30 Minutes

$85 - 60 Minutes

$125 - 90 Minutes

$175 - 120 Minutes

Prenatal / Side-Lying Massage

Swedish massage techniques are used specifically for expecting mothers at any stage of their pregnancy or clients that require a side-lying position. Special care is taken to ensure the greatest comfort for the mother-to-be during the massage. Specialty pillows/cushions and side-lying positioning are used to enhance support and reduce pressure during this relaxing service.

Also currently offering a specialized pre-natal massage bolster system that allows expectant mamas to safely and comfortably lay FACE DOWN. The session table additionally will lift up to a comfortable incline for supine/face-up work. Light to Moderate pressure is used in this massage to best suit the mother’s needs. 

Prices begin at:

$75 - 60 Minutes

$105 - 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage with Myofascial Cupping

Deep tissue massage techniques, myofascial release, passive stretching, and trigger point therapy are integrated with the use of myofascial cupping tools in this massage.

Prices begin at:

$100 - 60 Minutes

$140 - 90 Minutes

$190 - 120 Minutes

Swedish Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones

This massage technique builds upon the soothing Swedish massage style with the addition of warm stones. Smooth, flat, basalt stones are heated to a safe and comfortable temperature and used by the massage therapist, in addition to their hands, throughout the session. 

Prices begin at:

$90 - 60 Minutes

$125 - 90 Minutes

$160 - 120 Minutes

Esthetics with Melissa

Melissa Powell, LMT also offers esthetic services! 

$70+ Customized Facials

$145+ 60 Min. Customized Facial

       with 60 Min. integrated Massage

$10+ Microdermabrasion

$10+ High Frequency

$10+ Facial and Body Waxing

Therapeutic Manual Lymphatic Drainage (or MLD) is a modality that assists the body in reducing pain, removing excess fluid (swelling/edema) and waste byproducts. Lymphatic drainage is typically recommended for pre and post operative procedures such as orthopaedic and plastic surgeries to potentially improve outcomes and healing times. It can also help low grade lymphedema (especially post lymph-node removal).
MLD is NOT massage in the traditional sense – there is no rubbing or deep manipulation of soft tissue; it is a very light modality that most people find relaxing. 
You can learn more by clicking here.

Prices begin at:
$90 per session

To book a MLD session, please text Cheri Van Atta at 850-206-6817.

Therapeutic Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Couples Sessions.
Here are some excellent facilities that we recommend for Couples Massage:

Couples Massage Therapy Sessions

The Will Well ∙ Pace, FL ∙

Penton House ∙ Pace, FL ∙

Coastal Vibes ∙ Pensacola, FL ∙

Escape Wellness Spa ∙ Pensacola, FL ∙

Stay the Spa ∙ Pensacola, FL ∙

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