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About Our Licensed Massage Therapists

Each of the Live Oak Massage therapists are self-employed with

their own pricing and service offerings.

Please find their individual contact information below. 


Melissa Powell LMT ∙ MA100118

Text: 850-400-3442


30 Min.  $35
60 Min.  $65
90 Min.  $95

Deep Tissue
30 Min.  $45
60 Min.  $85
90 Min.  $120

Pre-Natal / Side-Lying
60 Min.  $70
90 Min.  $100



Melissa gained a significant appreciation of massage while watching how various practices were so helpful to people in a medical capacity.  For this reason, she is most skilled at Deep Tissue and Therapeutic work, but also understands the great value of a relaxing Swedish session. She has worked with a Chiropractor and has now developed her our practice. Helping ease the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction is her current favorite, along with isolated connective tissue work.

Melissa has significant business experience, is a dog person and has even served as a trainer.

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