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About Our Providers

Each of the Live Oak Massage Therapists and providers are self-employed with their own pricing and service offerings.
Please find their individual contact information below. 


Carrie Pullen LMT


Carrie is known for her particularly slow and methodical therapeutic style, which is grounded in neuromuscular and current pain science concepts. Her approach is extremely adaptive and can have a significant impact on many pain-related issues while still fostering a very relaxing experience.

Text: 850-463-0716


Cheri M. Van Atta LMT


Cheri offers therapeutic massage with a concentration in pain management and rehabilitation, as well as kinesiology taping. She works by appointment only and is currently taking a very limited number of new clients.

Text/VM: 850-206-6817


Hannah Listle LMT


Hannah has been practicing massage for over a decade in both clinical and high-end spa environments. She uses her knowledge and experience to curate the highest quality massage services for each individual client.

Text: 850-462-4048


Amber Pereira LMT


Amber has been practicing massage since 2011. Her first 3 years were spent in a chiropractic office developing her therapeutic approach to massage. Since then, she has been lead massage therapist at an elite spa on Pensacola Beach.

Text: 850-483-1793


Melissa Powell LMT


Melissa has experience in a chiropractic environment and now very much enjoys the variety that a dedicated practice provides. She gained a significant appreciation of massage while watching how various practices were so helpful to people in a medical capacity.

Text: 850-400-3442


Niki Bennett, LMT


The very first observation most clients have about Niki is that she’s kind and very motivated to help. She is strongly adept at therapeutic and trigger-point work and is also happy to facilitate a quiet, soothing environment for a relaxation massage.

Text: 850-665-0505

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