6/1/22 6:00p ∙ 7/6/22 3:00p ∙ 8/3/22 noon ∙ 9/7/22 noon
Half Sleeve
Fern (strong emphasis on the ferns and darker, natural greens) botanical with more dark blues.  Greens, blues, whites, greys. Different types of eucalyptus (Blues, whites, ash-blues for the euc?), succulents, leaves. No turquoise or neon-ish blues.
Would like it if it curved over the shoulder a little and/or past elbow posterior or anterior; however it works best. Love hyper-realistic work. 

Some elements to incorporate:
- A burgundy Cana Lily or two mixed in (picked burgundy color because I think it would be a nice contrast against the greens and blues, but am open to what you think would translate best) 
- My Dad's writing (don't want it to be front and center, along an edge somewhere discreet would be fine)
- My Doberman (Still trying to figure out this part.  I know it’s a random add to a botanical sleeve, but if we can figure it out, I’d like my boy in there somehow.)

Filler, sleeve background

Element details


Tattoo with my friend
Carrie Pullen 7/5/22 noon

For Carrie: tricep tattoo, green detailed big fern in front of an oval negative space defined by blue, grey, white ombre. 
Hyper-realistic.  As big as you want / have time for.  Will probably be another sleeve in the future, you talented enabler.

Sleeve #2 (Full coverage) - More Hyper-realistic ferns, maybe a couple of larger cannas. Negative space to echo my other sleeve.
background ideas: mandalas, dot work, sacred geometry, negative space.
Can the blue ombre be extended and transition to black dot mandala / sacred geo?  Maybe in a swooshy pattern?
Required element: portion of a violin for my niece (subtle, inside of arm?) 

Old Ideas. 
I probably won't be able to handle seeing his face in this much detail every day.

Half of his face or full front facing, whatever works best 
Detailed black and white/grey shaded / dot work?  (Maybe his eye(s) in amber?)