Hi Erin!
I'll be submitting two email / tattoo requests that are new / first tattoos, wide open for your expertise and input / art. 
Both are outlined below because I didn't know if it'd be helpful to incorporate them or not.  


Tattoo with my friend, the last week of September when she's in town; we're both off the entire week. 
If that's not possible, we'll wait for whenever to get in.
For me: 5 to 6 inch tricep tattoo, fern (examples below).
For her: Calf, likely a similar tattoo - foliage of some sort.  She's still trying to figure out what she wants.


Would like to schedule just for myself whenever is appropriate:
Half Sleeve Upper Arm

Misty, layered forest sleeve with water reflection.  Two incorporated elements: My Dad's writing and my Doberman (Still trying to figure out the Doberman part, just wanting to get in line.)
Can go over the shoulder or past elbow posterior or anterior however it works best.  Would incorporating the fern be a good idea? If not, the sleeve can be on the opposite arm.  I have a 3/4" scar on the left arm, so I'm assuming right arm placement would be best.....don't have a preference though.

Love detailed shaded / dot work with negative space elements 
Open to color or B/W - greens, blues, greys. 

Old Ideas.  I probably won't be able to handle seeing his face in this much detail every day.
Half Sleeve Upper Arm - can go over the shoulder posterior or anterior however it works best

Half of his face or full front facing, whatever works best 
Detailed black and white/grey shaded / dot work?  (I’m open to color but tend to like B/W. Maybe his eye(s) in amber and some matching shading in the trees?)

Background images / ideas

Don't care for an image wrapping around his face or overlapping it.

I like:

misty forrests

xray leaves, foliage

negative space if it fits

old ideas.