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2023, Project #2

Left arm half sleeve - full coverage (no skin left), full color, can extend beyond shoulder or elbow.
I'd like all pieces to be cohesive / similar / echo each other.

Please must include:

  • More hyper-realistic ferns

  • A couple more burgundy/burnt orange cannas

  • Bougainvillea (not a fan of pink, work your color genius)

  • Negative space to echo my other sleeve, but a different shape: the ribbon swirl below.

  • UPDATED: May I please have some realistic blueberries in there?  My dad uses them in his cereal since before dinosaurs and we constantly argue over them.

  • Hosta leaves - many towards the bottom for background inspiration

  • No turquoise or neon-ish colors, no roses, no sunflowers

Lower Leg Sleeve(s)

Still figuring it out: Lower leg sleeve(s).  Full coverage? Want it to look consistent with the rest of your work; negative space still somewhere. I might want to start with a B/W background on lower legs first, and then come back after the shawl is started.  Am I weird for feeling off-balance?  Am I working through something?  

Shawl & Back

Continuation of sleeves down my back/shoulders (illustrative/realistic color). 
Wanna try a detailed B/W leaf broad triangle shawl with the sleeves spilling over it in a loose V-shape?  

No peonies, no roses, no sunflowers 

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