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2023, Project #2

Left arm half sleeve - full coverage (no skin left), full color, can extend beyond shoulder or elbow.
I'd like all pieces to be cohesive / similar / echo each other.

Please must include:

  • More hyper-realistic ferns

  • A couple more burgundy/burnt orange cannas

  • Bougainvillea (not a fan of pink, work your color genius)

  • Negative space to echo my other sleeve, but a different shape: the ribbon swirl below.

  • UPDATED: May I please have some realistic blueberries in there?  My dad uses them in his cereal since before dinosaurs and we constantly argue over them.

  • Hosta leaves - many towards the bottom for background inspiration

  • No turquoise or neon-ish colors, no roses, no sunflowers

Would it be neat for the blue-denim ombre be extended and transition to a swooshy pattern? It's not at all a requirement, just putting an idea out there.

Don't know how it would fit (maybe gets incorporated into the shawl below? maybe a leg sleeve later?), but i like these mandala style / dot work images.

2024/2025/6, Project #3 

Continuation of sleeves down my back/shoulders (illustrative/realistic color). 
Wanna try a detailed B/W leaf broad triangle shawl with the sleeves spilling over it in a loose V-shape?  

No peonies, no roses, no sunflowers 

 Project #4

Echo my sleeves, spilling over from the shoulder / shawl? (illustrative/realistic color)
Couldn't find any color examples I liked, but would be happy with what you've already chosen! The images below are placements and flow that I like.

No peonies, no roses, no sunflowers, no breast cancer ribbons/icons.  The intent for the chest piece is mostly to distract from the fact that my nipples are gone and give him something prettier to look at.  Not concerned about scar camouflage.

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