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About Our Licensed Massage Therapists

Each of the Live Oak Massage therapists are self-employed with

their own pricing and service offerings.

Please find their individual contact information below. 

Live Oak Massage | Milton, FL | Cheri Van Atta LMT |

Cheri Carter LMT ∙ MA32117

Mobile: 850-206-6817

Cheri works part-time and by appointment only.

Same day appointments are not available.

To inquire about her availability, please text or leave a voicemail. Kindly understand that some days may have a 24 hour response time.  


Orthopaedic Therapy
45 Min.  
60 Min.  
90 Min.  

Lymphatic Drainage
Please read below before booking

Kinesiology Taping

30 Min.

60 Min.

Please text Cheri to understand her most current pricing.


Cheri is a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2000, with certifications in Personal Training, Lymphatic Drainage and advanced certifications in Medical and Orthopaedic Soft Tissue techniques. She offers therapeutic massage with a concentration in pain management and rehabilitation, as well as kinesiology taping. 

She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, cooking, and travel. She hiked the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage that starts at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in France and ends in North-western Spain, approx. 500 miles, in 29 days. 

Therapeutic Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Therapeutic Manual Lymphatic Drainage (or MLD) is a modality that assists the body in reducing pain, removing excess fluid (swelling/edema) and waste byproducts. Lymphatic drainage is typically recommended for pre and post operative procedures such as orthopaedic and plastic surgeries to potentially improve outcomes and healing times. It can also help low grade lymphedema (especially post lymph-node removal) and increase overall immunity as it stimulates white blood cells.
Therapeutic Manual Lymphatic Drainage is NOT massage in the traditional sense – there is no rubbing or deep manipulation of soft tissue as the lymphatic system is a delicate matrix of vessels that lie superficial to musculature as well as visceral within the organ cavities. The modality is very light and most people find it is relaxing. Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage is also NON-INVASIVE, meaning there is no excision into the skin to physically remove excess lymphatic fluid. Instead, this form of treatment helps influence lymphatic flow and re-routes it to the proper channel for drainage through and out of the body by its normal elimination processes.
Post-operative MLD has recently been most popular for plastic surgery procedures and is typically recommended after a minimum of 1 week, or when drains are removed. Your doctor’s written clearance is required if this modality is desired within 72 hours post-op (there is still a risk for post-operative bleeding) or prior to drain removal. The treatments are recommended bi-weekly for the first 2 to 4 weeks, tapered down to once a week until the body has regained proper lymph routing and drainage patterns. This is not a single-session type of treatment, nor can it be scheduled intermittently during the post-op phase if it is to be done correctly. The type of surgery and the number of areas affected, as well as individual factors are components in the amount of treatment sessions.
Post-operative MLD for orthopaedic procedures is recommended after a minimum of 72 hrs. or one week post-op with session frequency depending on individual variables and type of surgery performed.
Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage sessions range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes in length, depending upon how well the body responds at the time of treatment.
Session rate begins at $300 for 3 sessions and is due at the time of treatment. Single one-off sessions do not yield results and are therefore not offered.

To book a MLD session, please text Cheri Van Atta at 850-206-6817.


Cheri Carter, BS, RVT, LMT, LDT has been certified in MLD since 2008 through the Upledger Institute. She studied the methodology of French physician Bruno Chikly, D.O. His treatment methods address full body drainage techniques in addition to targeted areas. She is also certified in non-invasive vacutherapy cupping from the ACE Institute to help assist in more stagnant lymphatic drainage issues. Hence, treating the body globally as well as localized areas of interest is the type of treatment that you will receive within a lymphatic drainage session with Cheri. This thorough approach is done in order to maximize your outcome potential. You will also learn home techniques and guidelines to help assist your lymphatic system in its correction process to optimize your healing journey. 


Author: Cheri Carter

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